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Mayonnaise "Mr. Ricco Olive 67%" 220ml
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Mayonnaise "Mr. Ricco Olive 67%" 220ml SAS Discount card is applicable for this item

Product description: Мayonnaise with olive oil.
Mayonnaise is most often used as sauce for meat and second dishes, as a dressing for salads as well as in sandwiches.

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Characteristics Value
Proteins, g/100 g 0,33
Producer Казанский жировой комбинат
Ingredients Refined, deodorized vegetable oil, water, sugar powder, stabilizer "Stambimuls", salt, acetic acid, quail eggs, preservative potassium sorbate , skimmed milk, aromatizers, flavouring identical to natural "Mustard", olive oil Extra Virgin.
Produced in Russia
Product code 018660
ID 18554
Kilo- calorie
100 g.
100 g.
Hydro- carbonate
100 g.

Producer: Казанский жировой комбинат , Russia

Store at temperature 0-14°C