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Marshmallows "Hamlet" 250g
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Marshmallows "Hamlet" 250g SAS Discount card is applicable for this item

Product description: BBQ mallows

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Characteristics Value
Proteins, g/100 g 3
Producer Hamlet
Ingredients Glucose and fructose syrup, sugar, water, gelatin, dextrose, corn starch, acidifier, citric acid, flavoring, vanilla, coloring materials `E104, E120, E131.
Instruction (product usage) 1)Stick the mallow on a fork 2)Hold the fork about 20cm abov ethe grill. Do not hold it in the frames! 3)Rotate it slowly, until all sides are crispygolden brown. 4)Let cool off. 5) Enjoy!
Produced in Belgium
Product code 158377
ID 257583
100 g.
Hydro- carbonate
100 g.

Producer: Hamlet, Belgium

Store at dry and cool place