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Margarine "Naz" 250g 82%
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Margarine "Naz" 250g 82% SAS Discount card is applicable for this item

Product description: Margarine is typically composed of vegetable oils, water, emulsifiers and aromatizers . Different taste additives can be used in margarine for improving its taste quality: milk powder, whey, salt, sugar, aromatizers and other food additives.
The difference between margarine and spread is that the usage of hydrogenated fats and trance izomere fat acids is normatively controlled in spreads, and almost do not have limitations in margarines. Palm oil and products of its processing are the significant fat component of margarine.

Net Weight (gram): 250

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Characteristics Value
Net Weight (gram): 250
Producer H.T.A. Co
Ingredients Vitamin A, Vitamin D, emulsifier - lecithin, diglycerid; antimicrobial preservative - sorbate, citric acid, natural identical butter flavour, beta carotene.
Produced in Iran
Product code 025775
ID 19068