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Ice cream "Siviero Maria tiramisu" 500g
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Ice cream "Siviero Maria tiramisu" 500g SAS Discount card is applicable for this item

Product description: From the best Italian dessert tradition, our treasured Tiramisù flavour: a velvety custard and a soft sweet sponge cake are sumptuously flavoured with coffee, finished with cocoa powder and a dark chocolate tablet which suggests the name of the flavour. This unique recipe is made with fresh milk cream, fresh marcarpone cheese and fresh pasteurized egg yolk.

Net Weight (gram): 500

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Characteristics Value
Proteins, g/100 g 4
Net Weight (gram): 500
Volume (liter) 1
Producer "G7" LTD
Ingredients Rehydrated skim milk, sugar cream, coffee syrup, caramel color, pectin, xanthan gum, glucose syrup, egg, wheat flour, sugar, dextrose, disodium phosphate, coffee liquor, coconut oil, egg yolk, chocolate, cocoa paste, cocoa butter, vanilla, soy lecithin, whole fat milk powder, wheat starch, flavor.
Produced in Italy
Product code 091871
ID 20046
Kilo- calorie
100 g.
100 g.
100 g.
Hydro- carbonate
100 g.

Producer: "G7" LTD , Italy

Store at temperature -18°C.