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Edamer cheese "Arla"
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Edamer cheese "Arla"

Product description: Edamer is a hard cheese with a bit of spicy aroma and has a mild, slightly salty taste. Edamer is cut into thin slices and served with crackers or bread as the major part of a traditional breakfast. It is also used for the preparation of various salads. Edamer goes well with fruits and is most often served with pears and apples. Edamer is best paired with red wines rich in taste, and also goes well with sparkling wines.

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Characteristics Value
Proteins, g/100 g 26
Producer "Nordmilsh" LTD
Ingredients Milk, salt, lactic acid microorganisms, calcium chloride, color betta carotine.
Produced in Germany
Product code 003620
ID 30789
Kilo- calorie
100 g.
100 g.
Hydro- carbonate
100 g.

Producer: "Nordmilsh" LTD , Germany

Store at temperature 4-7°C.