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Dog food "Chappi" 600g
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Dog food "Chappi" 600g SAS Discount card is applicable for this item

Product description: Food for dogs, meat abundance.
"Chappi" provides nutrition for adult dogs of all breeds. This food contains proteins, fats and carbohydrates, as well as useful vitamins and minerals, making it tasty and nutritious. The brewer's yeast in the recipe of the food will regulate the metabolism, strengthen the protective functions of the body and improve the structure of pet's wool.

Net Weight (gram): 600

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Characteristics Value
Proteins, g/100 g 18
Fibers, g/100 g 7
Net Weight (gram): 600
Producer "Mars" LLC
Ingredients Cereals, meat, protein vegetable extracts, carrot, lucerne, vegetable fats, minerasls, vitamins.
Produced in Russia
Product code 025871
ID 16466
Kilo- calorie
100 g.
100 g.

Producer: "Mars" LLC , Russia

Keep at temperature 4-35°C, and relative air humidity not more than 70%.