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Book "The last door"
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Book "The last door" SAS Discount card is applicable for this item

Product description: Book published by Newmag. The cover is hard. "It is a beautifully formulated text like a testament. Aznavour seems to be an alchemist of words with his multicolored thoughts and biographies " Le Figaro In this book, the great chansonnier talks about the most popular questions. Why is modern art so predictable, television superficial, show business vulgar? What about the publications about you, which appear in the yellow press and the flow of fake news? And when and at what age to stop bad habits. Art, a copy of American culture and politics. Aznavour tells how he voted in the elections, responded to false rumors about his death, got acquainted with his fake relatives, boarded a presidential plane for the first time and worked as an ambassador. And finally, it is in this book that he answers the question for the first and last time. "Do you feel more French or Armenian?" 160pages

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