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Book "Killing orders"
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Product description: Book published by Newmag. The cover is hard. This book has an impact on earthquakes in the field of genocide studies and in particular in the field of Armenian Genocide research. One of the peculiarities of the Armenian Genocide is that successive Turkish governments are constantly making efforts to refute the historical fact of the Genocide and the documentary evidence related to it. This work clarifies the facts and truth about the events of the Genocide. The authenticity of the assassination orders signed by Interior Minister Talaat Pasha and the memoirs of Ottoman official Nayim Effendi have long been one of the most contentious issues in this regard. The deniers always claimed that these documents were completely forged, that the Armenians had created them to substantiate their claims. The evidence presented by Taner Akcam refutes these allegations and clearly shows why these documents, as evidence of the Ottoman-Turkish government's genocidal intent against Armenians, should be considered real. In this sense, the work breaks the cornerstone of denial and once again proves the historical reality of the Armenian Genocide. 408 pages

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