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Absinth ''Pernod'' 0.7l
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Absinth ''Pernod'' 0.7l SAS Discount card is applicable for this item

Product description: Absinth, alc.68%. Absinthe is a strong alcoholic drink, usually containing about 70% (sometimes 75 or even 85 or 86%) alcohol. A key component of absinthe is the extract of bitter wormwood, in essential oils of which high levels of thujone are contained. This highlights the effect of absinthe from other alcoholic beverages. Sometimes the use of absinthe arises hallucinations. The green color of the beverage is due to its component chlorophyll, so it got the nickname "The Green Fairy" and "The Green Witch".

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Characteristics Value
Volume (liter) 0,7
Producer Pernod
Ingredients Absinth plant extract
Instruction (product usage) Moisten a sugar in water or simply dilute with water
Produced in France
Product code 000075
ID 6480