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User Guide

Home Page

You can easily start your online shopping experience at home page

After visiting the page, you can first look through our special offers, which will randomly flash on the top center of the page. Going down the page, you can learn about active promotions, and see SAS recommendations.

For the Food products menu, see the top left side of the page. Here you can select a category and then continue your selection on the listing page.

For household goods and other non-food products, click ‘Everything for Home’ in the main menu on the top of the page.

Use the search bar to find any product you need. Just enter the product or brand name you are looking for.

Log in and Register

Before you can place an order, you first need to register with us. If you’re already registered, log in.

To register, open «Login and register» menu on the top right side of all pages, then click Register. Fill in your email and password (must be at least 6 characters), then retype your password and enter the code. You can also subscribe for our newsletters by checking the box below the code.



After logging in visit your profile and fill in your personal and contact details.

  • First name and last name
  • Delivery address(es)
  • Your fixed phone number
  • Your mobile phone number

You don’t need to log in unless you are going to do shopping. But after adding the products to your cart and clicking ‘Checkout’ you must log in.


There are 2 ways to find the products you need 1) through search, 2) through navigation (catalogue browsing):

1) To search, enter the name of a product or brand in the search bar on the top and click Find. To reduce the number of the searched items, choose the section your product belongs to (e.g. ‘Food Products’ or ‘Everything for Home’) from ‘All sections’ menu between the search bar and ‘Find’ button.


2) To browse the catalogue, if you are on the home page, point the cursor on the categories on the top left and then choose the subcategory; opening the given category or subcategory you can choose an item from the listing page.


You can determine the number of items (20, 40, 60, 80, 100) appearing on one page and also change the number of columns (1 or 4 columns).


To move to the next page, click ‘Forward’ or the number of the given page. To filter the products by brand, size, price, packaging or other criteria, use the menus above the section name. Just open the drop-down menu and select a variable.

If you have finished shopping in a given category and wish to move to another category, point on the ‘All sections’ button on the top left, and choose the next section you wish to select products from. You can also continue shopping from the additional menu on the bottom of pages by choosing products from among the 1) Similar; 2) Popular; 3) Accompanying and 4) Recently viewed items.

To choose from the nonfood section you need to click ‘SAS Home’ button and repeat the steps described above.


Adding to cart

To order a product, you must first add it to cart by clicking on the ‘Add’ button on the right side. Don’t forget to increase or decrease the amount or weight of products before adding them.


If you like any product but don’t want to add it to cart yet, you can just mark it as ‘Favorites’, then view it in the ‘Favorites’ list. To mark, click on the star next to the product and make sure it comes yellow. Your choice will be saved and be available each time you log in.


You can always see the content and the cost of the products of your cart on the right side. You can easily change the quantity or weight of the products using «+» and «-» buttons and also delete any items. After finishing the selection click Checkout.



After you click ‘Checkout’ you can view your order details to make sure everything is correct.

By clicking continue shopping you go to the Log in page. If you are not registered yet, you can do it by filling in your email and password.

After logging in you will be redirected to the Delivery page. Here you must write your delivery address, phone number, and indicate the day and hour when you wish to receive your order.

Go forward to select the mode of payment.

Before we confirm the orders, we check the authenticity of your address details. If those are incorrect or incomplete you will receive an email asking you to edit your order and correct the wrong fields. If everything is correct you will receive a confirmation email with your order details. This means your order is in process and will be delivered in time.



In there are several modes of payment.

  1. Online. We support payments with Paypal and Arca payment systems. If you are already registered with those systems, then after completing the order you’ll be redirected to those websites, where you can log in and pay.
  2. Cash. Pay for your order with cash to our delivery person.
  3. With your payment card via POS terminal when receiving your order.
  4. Bank transfer. In this case you must transfer the amount to the account number, shown below the option.


Every registered person has his own profile. Here you can write, edit your personal, registration and contact details, view the delivery history and sign up for our news emails.

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