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Cusomer Reviews

The Customers of online supermarket have many opportunities to express their opinion about the quality of our services. 

After the delivery of each order, our customers receive an e-mail with a link, clicking on which they can express their opinion. Moreover, you can contact us at the Facebook Page of SAS Supermarkets and by sending an e-mail to [email protected] or by feedback form in the "Contacts" section of our website. 

Our customers can be assured that any reviews and suggestions will reach the Company management and a proper solution will be given to each of them. Some reviews of our customers are presented below. 

Marina H. (Armenia) 
It is favorable that you have fast and reliable service and maintenance. As always my order was delivered in time. Thank you. Naira M. (USA) Fast delivery, excellent and friendly customer service center. Thank you. 

Lilith S. (Armenia)
Everything was fine, the order was delivered on time. The deliveryman was friendly and the food was fresh, as I requested. Thank you. Levick, G. (USA) Your service is excellent. Me and my family are pleased. Thank you. 

Armine P. (USA) 
The delivered products were fresh, of good quality and well-packed. Thank you for good service. 

Arman A. (Armenia) 
Thank you, everything was normal. I have no suggestions and comments. 

Sako (USA) 
I highly appreciate the delivery of orders in time. I am grateful and will make orders again. 

Armine G. (France) 
Hello. I have already made online shopping for three times and I am very pleased with the work of your employees. Thank you. 

Aram M. (USA) 
Excellent service. I especially like the fact that it is possible to choose the time of delivery. I am very pleased. 

Aram (Armenia) 
Very pleasing and tasty delivery :) 

Anahit M. (USA) 
Dear, thank you so much. I am really glad that such a supermarket exists and we are able to make orders from the other end of the world! 

Tigran P. (Armenia) 
The service was carried out quickly and at the highest level, and the workers were friendly. Thank you. 

Mesrop N. (USA) 
First of all let me thank you for your service. Secondly it works well enough. The order, especially the food were fresh. Finally I was surprised. The order was in time and accurate. SAS Good to go and God bless us. 

Irina S. (Sweden) 
Thanks for high-quality service. 

Eve S. (Russia) 
Thanks a lot. Everything was at a high level. We loved it much. 

Edgar M. (Italy) 
It's been the third time that I made an order from Italy for my relatives, and I am very pleased with your service, as the orders are always delivered on time. Excellent work, thank you.

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